The BRICS Sports Games 2024 have come to an end

The BRICS Games 2024 took place in Kazan and Moscow from 12 to 24 June. Russia hosted these competitions for the first time, and they became record-breaking in many respects.

- 82 Participating Countries. The BRICS Games were held in an open format, and all athletes had equal rights during admission to the competitions. Athletes from South and North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa gathered in Kazan and Moscow.

- 2,852 Athletes. Olympic and world champions, winners and runners-up of European, Asian, and South American championships and national championships performed in Kazan. The oldest participant of the Games was Mustafa Enis Yurdakok, a 65-year-old athlete from Turkey, who competed in equestrian sports. The youngest participant was 12-year-old Kseniya Savinova of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team.

- 27 Sports. Around 20 sports, such as athletics, weightlifting, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, artistic swimming, etc., were included in the BRICS Games programme for the first time. Phygital football and basketball tournaments were held as part of the Games as well.

- 387 Sets of Medals. Athletes from 38 countries won awards, while participants from 15 countries became the BRICS Games Champions. The largest number of medals went to the athletes of the Russian national team: 509, with 266 of them being gold. Belarus is in the second place (247 total, 55 gold), China is in the third (62–20).

- Maryna Litvinchuk of the Republic of Belarus won 5 gold medals in the BRICS Games canoe sprint. She became the most titled participant of the competitions. Artistic swimmers Aleksandr Maltsev and Maya Doroshko, along with swimmer Miron Lifintsev won 4 gold medals each.

- 41:57.80 is the result of Russian athlete Reikhan Kagramanova, who won the 10,000 metres race walk. This is the best result of the season in the world. Moreover, other national records in weightlifting, athletics, and swimming were set during the BRICS Games.

- 17 sports venues were used for the competitions and athletes’ training (16 in Kazan and one in Moscow). In total, over 108,000 spectators visited them, with full houses at most Finals.

- 1,920 volunteers from 18 regions of the Russian Federation helped organising and hosting the BRICS Games.

- 750 Media representatives from 18 countries covered the BRICS Games competitions.

- Over 22 million users viewed the broadcasts of the Games on the Vkontakte social network.

- 150 hours totalled the overall TV airtime of the BRICS Games competitions. 36 hours were broadcast on Match TV, and another 96 hours – on thematic channels.

The BRICS Games also included an extended meeting of the BRICS countries Ministers of Sport. It was attended by ministers and representatives of sports ministries from Russia, Brazil, India, Iran, China, UAE, Ethiopia, South Africa, Belarus, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Djibouti, Azerbaijan, DPRK, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, and Nicaragua. The countries discussed the development of sports in the BRICS community and touched upon the next Games to be hosted by Brazil.