Bricsik the Leopard revealed to be the Mascot of the BRICS Games in Kazan

The presentation of the BRICS Sports Games took place in Moscow during “We are Together. Sport” Forum as part of the panel discussion “Sport in the BRICS Countries. Development of a Multipolar Sports World”. It was attended by Oleg Matytsin, Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Leonov, Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez Reyes, a diver from Venezuela.

The Games will be held from 12 June to 23 June in Kazan. Over 5,000 participants are expected to take part in the tournament programme, consisting of competitions in 29 disciplines. Athletes will play for over 380 awards, a record number for the BRICS Games.

“In the field of sports, the BRICS countries adhere to the principle of fair and non-discriminatory admission of athletes, because our main task is to ensure equal opportunities for athletes from all countries to freely participate in sports competitions without restrictions and under the flag of their country. It bears emphasis that all BRICS countries have confirmed their participation in the Games. We do not aim to create alternative competitions; we uphold this position and strive to further strengthen our sports system. The national interest plays a key part here. Initially, the BRICS Games were supposed to be for the alliance countries only, but given the circumstances, we have decided to hold the competitions in an open format.

Over 50 countries will take part in the BRICS Games to compete in over 25 sports. In line with the business programme of the competition, we propose to sign the Kazan Charter for the Development of International Competitions between alliance member states” said Oleg Matytsin.

Bricsik the Leopard has been chosen as the Games Mascot. His name symbolises agility, strength, speed, and resilience. These are the qualities of real champions. Bricsik was born in Asia, just like the first BRICS Games, and then grew and developed alongside the tournament.

Vladimir Leonov, Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, noted that the Games will be held at 18 venues and Kazan has all the necessary infrastructure for a successful event.

“All the venues are built; they have been used for international and All-Russian competitions before. This is the first time the BRICS Games will be held in this format. Our goal is to create a quality product with a strong sporting component, which the next organisers could use as a reference” said Leonov.

Venezuelan national diving team athlete Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez Reyes said he expects the BRICS Games to be a colourful sporting event that will be enjoyed by all participants.

“The BRICS Sports Games is a significant event for athletes from Venezuela. My country will be represented in several disciplines in Kazan, which is a great honour and an opportunity to prove ourselves at the highest level. I am glad that the BRICS Games are open to all countries; there are no political restrictions at the tournament, and participants will be able to concentrate on sport and enjoy the atmosphere of the competition” Reyes added.

The BRICS Sport Ministers Meeting and the Sports Summit of Partner Ministers are scheduled to be held during the Games. Furthermore, the Games will see the launch of the BRICS Marathon League, which will bring together the biggest marathons of the alliance countries under the auspices of the biggest Russian races. In addition to the competitions, there will be a series of cultural events, including the Yoga Festival. The Games will culminate with a joint celebration of the Kazan Sabantuy.