BRICS Games filters goes viral on social media platform Likee

In parallel with the ongoing competition, BRICS Games, together with the official media partner Likee, has launched a #BRICS2024 hashtag challenge, an easy and interactive hurdle competition featuring the official mascot Brixic.

The innovative campaign took the platform by storm, amassing over 13 million views within two weeks and is recommended on main page of Rustore. More than 54000 people across the nation, including 420 verified creators, have joined the celebration to promote the grand event on the 2024 Russian sport calendar. Notably, people of all ages, from children to grandparents, couples, and families, find their joy in a 30 second clip creation.

Social media plays an increasingly pivotal role as in our daily life especially for the young generation. It is no longer sufficient for most individuals to merely watch games on television; they seek to become an integral part of the sports experience and to personally engage with its allure.” said Likee Russia CEO Dmitry Shcherbinin, “AI filter provides a novel and intriguing marketing and communication tool to engage new audience across all age groups. It also showcases the power of short video in bridging the digital divide and inclusivity of our society.”

The BRICS Games are held in Kazan from 12 to 23 June. More than 4,000 athletes from over 90 countries will play for about 400 sets of awards in 27 sports.