BRICS Games conclusions drawn in Kazan

Conclusion of the BRICS Sports Games that debuted in Russia from 12 to 24 June have been drawn at the press conference in Kazan

BRICS Games were held at the venues of Kazan and Moscow having gathered 5,640 participants from 82 countries. Competitions embraced 27 sports.

According to the Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, the Games organisers received a great deal of positive feedback from the athletes.

“Most of the athletes were comparing the level of services at the BRICS Games with the Olympics. They even said a number of services in Kazan were superior. Everybody appreciated the quality of the venues, food and beverage, TV picture, volunteers. All service agencies worked in full force, therefore everything worked out well and as smoothly as they could. We haven’t expected that the athletes will like it here in Kazan so much,” noted Vladimir Leonov.

Games in Kazan turned out to be record-breaking in a variety of aspects in the history of the tournaments conducted within the BRICS community.

“We hosted the alike event 11 years ago – it was the Summer Universiade. I dare say we’ve reiterated the effect of the Universiade. That project was neither much heard nor spoken about, but we’ve made up a structured, clear and promising product. It is expected that Brazil will play host to the next Games. So while seeing their delegation off, we had a short meeting. They said it would be challenging to do what Kazan had done. But we will help,” emphasised the Tatarstan Minister of Sport.

The Russian national team topped the overall medal standing of the Games, having won 266 gold medals, while a total of 38 national teams took the awards.

“It was technically challenging to bring all the leaders to Kazan, since Olympic Games are starting in a month. The teams have been preparing for the season as per the calendar that was four years ago. And those doing sport are aware that it’s impossible to add a new competition into the agenda of the Olympic cycle half a year-year in advance. We are grateful to everyone who has come. We could witness strong competition in a number of sports. The Games set good TV ratings despite the football Euro 2024 running on the same dates. Over 19 mln people watched broadcasts on Match TV channel, and over 22 mln – on the internet,” mentioned Vladimir Leonov.

“Let me say thanks a million to all our partners, friends, organisers at the federal as well as republican and municipal levels. Big team was working tirelessly. As the Rais (Head) of the Republic of Tatarstan said, we are waiting for new tasks,” added the Tatarstan Sport Minister.

Director General of the Directorate for Sports and Social projects in Kazan Maksim Denisov thanked all those engaged in organising and holding the BRICS Games.

“Yesterday the last participant left Kazan, that’s why we can draw up express conclusions, and then will analyse the outcomes. Inside the team we tend to think that we came off really well. Throughout the entire period of the project a total of 25 thousand badges were given out to the people who had an official access to the venues. Today, there is not much to say apart from the word of gratitude to absolutely everyone who was a part of the project,” said Maksim Denisov.