Oleg Matytsin invited athletes from all over the world to the BRICS Games 2024

At the International Sports Forum Russia – Country of Sports, held in Perm, Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin announced the upcoming BRICS Games in Kazan to be open to athletes from all countries willing to take part in the competition.

The BRICS Sports Games will be held in Kazan from 11 June to 23 June 2024, at 17 sports venues in 27 sports. About 3,000 athletes are expected to participate. Invitations to the Games have been sent to the five BRICS member states (Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Russia), and six countries (Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates), which will be admitted to the alliance starting 1 January 2024.

These days the BRICS Games are taking place in South Africa, and so far, Russian athletes have won 14 medals, 11 of which are gold. The next BRICS Games will be held in Kazan. They will be open to everyone. I would like to invite athletes from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Come and visit us! Russia and Kazan will always be happy to see you,” emphasised Oleg Matytsin.

Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Kovalchuk stressed the importance of the BRICS Games for international sport and expressed his confidence that they would be arranged at the top level.

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we support the initiatives put forward by the Russian side to hold the BRICS Games in June and the world Solidarity Games in September of 2024. We are excited about the scale and spectacle of these multisport forums. And we are confident that they will be held at the highest organisational level. The 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as well as other events that were arranged with such excellence, are still fresh in our memory. Belarus is ready to take the most active part in preparation and holding of these events,” said Sergey Kovalchuk.

The BRICS Sport Ministers meeting is scheduled within the framework of the BRICS Sports Games 2024, as well as the approval of the concept of sustainable development and rules of conduct for the BRICS Games 2025-2030.