The first medals will be awarded today at the BRICS Games

On June 13, the first competition day of the BRICS Games will determine the medal winners in five sports - synchronized swimming, sambo, wushu, weightlifting and artistic gymnastics. Badminton, tennis and table tennis tournaments will also start, while qualifying heats will be held in rowing.


Synchronized swimmers will start their performances at the Aquatics Palace. A total of 11 sets of medals will be awarded in synchronized swimming at the BRICS Games. Svetlana Kolesnichenko, multiple Olympic champion, winner of world and European championships, two-time world champion Maya Doroshko, world champion Alexander Maltsev and other Russian athletes will perform in Kazan. Their rivals will be the main team of the DPRK, synchronized swimmers from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Venezuela, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

On Thursday, they will compete for awards in three events:

solo, women's and men's technical program (beginning of performances at 10.00)

duet, technical program (15.00)

acrobatic group (19.00)


Sport sambo competitions are starting at the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace. More than 120 strongest athletes from Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan will fight for 14 sets of medals.

The Russian national team will be represented in all weight categories, the team was selected based on the results of the championship of Russia under 24 years old. Among the participants there are enough experienced and already titled rivals. Tatyana Matsko, multiple world and European champion and medalist, and Daniela Zhdan, world champion, will compete for the national team of the Republic of Belarus, Zhamalbek Asylbek Uulu, world champion, will compete for Kyrgyzstan, and Aram Aghajanyan and Vahagn Chalyan, medalists of the World Championship-2023, will compete for the Armenian team.

The competitions will start on June 13 at 11:00 with preliminary bouts for men (58 kg, 64 kg, 71 kg, 79 kg) and women (50 kg, 54 kg, 59 kg). The finals in these weight categories will be held in the evening part of the program.


The TATNEFT Arena will host the first wushu bouts of the BRICS Wushu Games. The competitions include individual championships in two basic disciplines Taolu (men and women in 12 styles) and Sanda (men in six weight categories and women in four). More than 130 athletes from 14 countries, including Russia, Armenia,
Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Cuba, Egypt and others, will compete for awards.

The Russian national team includes: world champions and winners of the BRICS Sports Games Sandra Konstantinova and Pavel Muratov, winner of the BRICS Sports Games Kirill Bondarenko, European champion Japar Magomedov. Among the foreign participants we can mention Brazilian Beatriz Silva, winner of the Pan American Games and vice world champion; Davit Vardanyan, Arsen Bagryan, Davit Isakhanyan, champions of Europe-2024 in the national team of Armenia. The participants will also include athletes from China, who are traditionally strong in this sport.

On June 13, preliminary bouts will be held in 4 weight categories for women (48kg, 56kg, 65kg and 70kg) and 6 for men (52kg, 56kg, 65kg, 75kg and 85kg). They will start at 10.00.

In the evening part of the program there will be final competitions in qianshu, nandao and gongshu for men, and in dao shu, nangun and taiji jian for women. They will start at 16.00.


12 sets of prizes will be awarded at the BRICS Games in artistic gymnastics - men's and women's individual all-around and individual disciplines. More than 100 athletes from Russia, Belarus, Malaysia, Serbia, Syria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and other countries are expected to participate.

Russia will be represented at the competitions in Kazan by the leaders of the national team: Olympic champions Nikita Nagorny, David Belyavsky, Artur Dalaloyan and Angelina Melnikova. The BRICS Games will also feature Russian champion Daniel Marinov, World Cup medalist Alena Tsitavets from the Republic of Belarus, world championship participants from Thailand, Turkey, Mongolia and others.

On Thursday, on the first day of the competition at the Gymnastics Center will be held qualifying competitions (beginning at 11.30) and finals in individual all-around.


120 participants will compete for 10 sets of medals in weightlifting. Among the participants are athletes from Russia, Iran, UAE, Tajikistan, Pakistan and other countries. Competitions in this sport will be held in SC "Tulpar". Men will be awarded in the weight categories of 61kg, 73kg, 89kg, 102kg and 102+kg, and women - in the weight categories of 49kg, 59kg, 71kg, 81kg and 81+kg.

Darya Naumova, Olympic silver medalist from Belarus, and two-time world champion Artem Okulov and European champion Olga Tyo from the Russian national team will compete at the Games in Kazan.

On June 13, medals in the weight categories of 49 kg and 59 kg for women, 61 kg and 73 kg for men will be played. The competitions will start at 11.00.


The BRICS Games badminton tournaments in men's and women's singles and doubles start at the Badminton Center. The program also includes a mixed doubles tournament, and the participants will play for a total of 5 sets of awards.

Kazan will host 200 athletes from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Brazil, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a number of other countries. The Russian team includes Sergey Sirant and Evgenia Kosetskaya, participants of the Tokyo Olympics.

On Thursday the games in subgroups will be held. Meetings start at 10.00.


The Kazan Tennis Academy will host the men's and women's team tournaments. A total of 96 people will compete for two sets of awards. Tennis tournaments consist of group and final stages. Athletes will represent such countries as Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and others.

The group stage will be held from June 13 to 16, the final games will be held from June 17 to 19. The start of matches on Thursday - 10.00.


151 participants from 16 countries of the BRICS Games will compete for 4 sets of medals in table tennis. The tournaments will be held at the Boxing and Table Tennis Center in men's and women's singles and team events.

Russia will be represented in the tournament by Nikita Artemenko, Maxim Grebnev, Lev Katsman, Vladimir Sidorenko and Kirill Skachkov. The women's team includes Elisabeth Abrahamyan, Vlada Voronina, Polina Mikhailova, Yana Noskova and Polina Mikhailova.

The Russian athletes will face teams from China, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Iran, Venezuela and other countries. The tournament will start with 1/8 finals, the beginning of games at 10.00. Final matches will be held in the team tournament on June 14.


Rowing competitions at the BRICS Games in Kazan will be held at the Rowing Center from June 13 to 16. More than 150 athletes from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Pakistan, Serbia and Uzbekistan will compete for 16 sets of awards. They will compete in eight disciplines of rowing - single, double doubles and without a helmsman, four doubles and without a helmsman, as well as eight with a helmsman, and all this in two weight categories.

Among the athletes who will perform at the upcoming Games are silver medalist of the World Championships, winner and medalist of the World Cup stages Artem Kosov, multiple European champion and World Cup 2012 medalist Alena Furman, winner of the World Cup stage Tatiana Goncharova from the Republic of Belarus, three-time Asian champion Mahsa Javer, Asian Games winners Alisher Turdiev and Shahboz Kholmurzaev from Uzbekistan, winners of youth and junior European and world championships, participants of the Olympic Games and other prestigious international competitions.

On Thursday, at 11.00 a.m., the preliminary heats for 2000 meters for men and women in single, double without rudder and single - lightweight will begin. The finals in these disciplines will be held on June 14.

Tickets for the Games can be purchased on the official website of the BRICS Games or on the website of the official partner of the tournament