The final set of medals was awarded at the BRICS Games

The final 387th set of medals of the BRICS Games was awarded at the Dynamo Sport Academy in Moscow today. Dancers from 23 countries competed in the Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll.

In the B class-mixed, the duo of Ivan Rilyan and Elizaveta Klopyzhnikova brought the Russian national team gold. Silver medals were won by athletes from Egypt (Alexander Boyko and Valeria Arafa), and dancers from Moldova (Alexey Denos and Alexandra Nikolaeva) got the bronze.

"First of all, it was a great opportunity for all of us, because the BRICS Games are very important for all countries. Sport means peace and love which unite us – that is what we should demonstrate to everyone. I am grateful to the Russian Federation and Federation of DanceSport for everything that happened. I am sure that the competitions have a very bright future and they will become brighter and more beautiful" Akshay Jagdish Unecha, a dancer from India, shared his feelings about the BRICS Games.

Maxim Chebotarev and Victoria Adamova, athletes from Russia, also won gold medals in the M class-mixed. The Hungarian national team (Alex Delhi and Luka Behari) won silver, and the team from Egypt (Kirill Rokhlin and Sofia Arafa) won bronze medals.

"Competitions in 25 sports have just ended in the Republic of Tatarstan, yesterday there was Breaking in Moscow, today the Games are finishing with Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll. It was a large expanded format of the BRICS Games. I want to personally thank Nadezhda Erastova, President of the All Russian Federation of DanceSport – Breaking and Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll in the programme of the Games was her merit.

I want, with my whole heart and soul, express gratitude to all the athletes who came to our country, our great Country, to demonstrate their best performance. We invite everyone to Moscow, and, of course, to the Republic of Tatarstan, to Kazan. Thank you!" Vladimir Leonov, the Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, addressed the participants.