Kazan will bid farewell to the BRICS Games participants at Sabantuy, and Moscow will host the Breaking Finals

On 23 June Kazan will make an unusual farewell to the participants of the BRICS Games, who have been delighting sports fans with their brilliant performances for several weeks. Athletes, coaches and members of delegations from different countries will visit the ancient bank holidays Sabantui, where they will be able to get acquainted with the culture and customs of Tatarstan.

The main location of Sabantuy will be the holiday in Mirny, where a concert "Colours of Sabantuy" will be held with the participation of People's Artist of Tatarstan Elmira Kalimullina, the State Chamber Choir of the Republic, artists of Kamalov and Kariyev theatres. The production will be directed by Aidar Zabbarov, scripted by Ruzal Mukhametshin, choreographed by Chulpan Zakirova and composed by Almaz Askhadullin. Participants of the BRICS Sports Games will gather at this venue. Flags of all the countries that performed at the Games will be brought out in their honour.

But the BRICS Games do not end here, they move from Kazan to Moscow. On 23 June, the finals in the "breaking" and "breaking-team" disciplines will be held). Athletes from more than 20 countries from around the world, including Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and many others, are taking part in these tournaments.

The opening ceremony will start at 19:00 and the final performances will start at 19:15.