Today, 34 sets of medals will be awarded at the BRICS Games

The start of phygital football and rhythmic gymnastics, finals in chess and equestrian sports.


The BRICS Games in Kazan will kick off a new discipline - the phygital football. The participants will first play against each other in a soccer simulator on a console and then go to the mini-football court. At the same time, the score gained in the digital stage is kept, so to win it is important to show yourself well both with a joystick in your hands and with the ball in your feet.

In the phygital football, 11 teams including Russia, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Belarus, Uzbekistan and others will compete for medals. They will be divided into four groups of three teams each (one of the groups will have two), from where the top 2 will go to the quarterfinals, which will be held according to the Olympic system of elimination. The final matches will be held on June 22.

Popular cyber soccer players Robert "Ufenok77" Fakhretdinov, Anton "Klenoff" Klenov and Stepan "Funki" Mikhovich will play for the Russian national team. They have repeatedly won at the Russian championships, as well as successfully showed themselves on the international arena. Young representatives of mini-football will be responsible for the physical part - in particular, the player of the Russian national team and winner of the World University Championship (2014) Nikita Fakhrutdinov.

Among the guests will be athletes who are already well acquainted with soccer doubles. For example, Eduardo Speck de Freitas (Eduardinho), a participant of the first Future Games in Kazan, will play for Brazil. And for Belarus will play, for example, Andrei Klok and Yaroslav Kascheev - representatives of FC Inform media club. They have managed to join the soccer collegiate even before the Future Games - they won prizes at the Fijital Games, which were held in Kazan in 2023.

The BRICS Football Tournament will open on June 20 at 10:30 with a match between Cuba and Vietnam at the BSS Basket Hall.


Rhythmic Gymnastics, one of the most popular sports, will start on Thursday at the BRICS Games. The program includes tournaments among adults (seniors) and juniors. Gymnasts will play 20 sets of medals in individual program and group exercises - in all-around and individual events. In addition to the four traditional disciplines (hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon) presented at the World Championships and Olympic Games, the participants will perform without apparatus.

In individual exercises Russia will be represented by Lala Kramarenko, the champion of Europe-2021 in the team event, and Anna Popova, the absolute champion of Russia 2023, while Belarus will be represented by Alina Gornosko, the Olympic medalist, and Anastasia Salos, the medalist of the World and European Championships. The strongest gymnasts from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Moldova and other countries will also take part in the tournament.

On the first day, the participants will have to qualify in the individual program. Competitions will be held in FST "Gymnastics Center", the beginning - at 9:30.


On Thursday the boxing tournament will continue - preliminary bouts in weight categories 46-48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63,5, 67, 71, 75, 80, 86, 92 and over kg for men and 45-48, 50, 52, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 66, 70, 75, 81 and over kg will be held. Olympic champion Bakhodir Jalolov from Uzbekistan, Olympic participants Lyudmila Vorontsova from Russia and Vladislav Smyaglikov from Belarus, as well as other athletes are competing for medals.


Four sets of prizes will be awarded at the canoeing competitions. At 10:00 at the Rowing Sports Center will begin preliminary races for 500 meters in canoeing and kayaking among pairs of men and women, and at 14:00 will start finals in these disciplines. And from 16:00 will start the cycle of competitions in individual format for 500 meters for men and 500 and 200 meters for women. Their semifinals and finals will be held the next day, June 21.


Four sets of medals in equestrian sports will be awarded at the BRICS Games on Thursday.

The performance of South Africa's representatives on the first day of competition is noteworthy. Willem Petrus Nortye and Norman Yim Mostert became the leaders in the team standings in tentpegging after the intermediate phase, the duo has the highest chances for gold medals in this discipline.

We should not forget about the home team: according to the results of the intermediate competitions in jigging, the top three are exclusively Russian representatives - Kirill Nefedov, Grigory Feofanov and Ivan Kapsamun. Tomorrow they will be opposed by participants from Mongolia Temuchin Tsogthuu and Munh Arslan Zhavkhlantugs, who are in the top-6.

The competition day will start at 10:00.


On the second competition day of the swimming tournament 12 sets of awards will be played. Women will swim 50 meters butterfly, 100 meters breaststroke and backstroke, 200 meters freestyle and 400 meters freestyle. The men will swim 50-meter breaststroke and backstroke, 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter freestyle and butterfly, as well as 1500-meter freestyle. And one more discipline of the day - mixed combined relay 4x100 meters.

The competition day will start with preliminary swims of the relay at 10:00 on the site of the USC "Aquatics Palace". Final swims will start at 18:00.


The Greco-Roman wrestling competition at the BRICS Games will end on Thursday at the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace.

From 11:00 a.m. there will be bouts for the 3rd place and the remaining bouts on a round-robin system in weight up to 55 kg, where Farid Sadikhli (Azerbaijan) will go against Vitaly Kabaloev (Russia), and Maxim Stupakevich (Belarus) - against Iskhar Kurbayev (Kazakhstan). Final fights will begin at 15:00.

Up to 60 kg

Emin Sefershaev (Russia) - Mehroi Bahramov (Uzbekistan) - final.

Dahua Xiong (China) - Gleb Makarenko (Belarus) - for the 3rd place.

Up to 63 kg

Sergei Emelin (Russia) - Ziya Babashov (Azerbaijan) - finals

Talibsho Khaibarov (Belarus) - Husniddin Olimboev (Uzbekistan) - for the third place.

Up to 67 kg

Ruslan Bichurin (Russia) - Tavakgul Khaziyev (Azerbaijan) - finals

Minchen Yang (China) - Nozimjon Boykuziev (Uzbekistan) - for 3rd place

Up to 72 kg

Meirzhan Shermakhanbet (Kazakhstan) - Narek Ohanyan (Russia) - finals

Urfan Hasanli (Azerbaijan) - Javid Gyasi (Afghanistan) - for 3rd place

Up to 77 kg

Sergei Stepanov (Russia) - Ramazan Arapkhanov (Abkhazia) - finals

Tulkin Tuyev (Uzbekistan) - Kanan Abdullazade (Azerbaijan) - for the 3rd place.

Up to 82 kg

Rafael Yunusov (Russia) - Stanislav Shafarenko (Belarus) - finals

Tunjai Vazirzade (Azerbaijan) - Tamerlan Shadukayev (Kazakhstan) - for the 3rd place.

Up to 87 kg

Vahag Margaryan (Russia) - Igor Yaroshevich (Belarus) - finalist

Abdulloh Abdumutalibov (Uzbekistan) - Mahammad Ahmadiyev (Azerbaijan) - for the 3rd place.

Up to 97 kg

Arif Niftullayev (Azerbaijan) - Vladislav Pustoshilov (Belarus) - finals

Nikolay Khomenko (Russia) - Erzat Erlanov (Kazakhstan) - for the 3rd place.

Up to 130 kg

Nokhcho Labazanov (Russia) - Dmitry Zarubsky (Belarus) - finalist

Zhakhongir Akbarov (Uzbekistan) - Sarkhan Mammadov (Azerbaijan) - for 3-4th places

Chenmao Cui (China) - Islam Umaev (Kazakhstan) - for 3-4th places.


Three sets of awards will be played on the second day of fencing competitions at the BRICS Games. This time the champions in men's foil and sabre and women's epee will be determined. The individual competitions will end at the same time - the next two days will be devoted to team performances.

From 9:00 at the Volleyball Center "St. Petersburg" will start sparring among men with foils. The semifinal stage will start at 17:30, and the final duels - at 20:00.


On Thursday at the IT Park named after Bashir Rameyev. One set of awards will be played in chess in Bashir Rameyev IT Park.

Grandmasters from Russia, China, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Abkhazia and other countries will compete in mixed pairs in the discipline "Rapid Chess".

The front-runners of the tournament are grandmasters from Russia - two-time winner of the BRICS Games Ekaterina Lagno, as well as the champions of individual competitions in rapid chess and blitz in men's division Vladislav Artemyev and Andrey Esipenko.

The competition day will start at 10:00.