BRICS Games: Sixth Competition Day Results

The winners of the BRICS Games diving and phygital basketball competitions determined.

The final sets of medals for the BRICS Games diving competitions were awarded at Aquatics Palace on Tuesday.

The duo of Evgenii Kuznetsov and Nikita Shleikher won in the synchronised jumps from the three-metre springboard. They scored a total of 446.34 points from the judges. Rafael Fogaça and Rafael Max of Brazil took silver (348.03 points), while Yauheni Kondratovich and Uladzislau Sonin of Belarus took bronze (341.73).

I’m happy how we’ve finished the season with Zhenya [Kuznetsov]; now, we have a well-deserved holiday ahead, thank you all for congratulations, the international start is very important. The dives turned out really well, I’m madly grateful to my head coach, the specialists, a lot of work was done. We liked the sixth dive; we communicated with the audience through applause: they cheered us up, we cheered them up. The stands are often full in Kazan, so it’s especially nice to come here. Thank you to Tatarstan and all the spectators. We think our dives were alright, even though there are some things that could be better. The organisation and the atmosphere are the best, just like at other international starts,” Nikita Shleikher commented after the victory.

In women’s three-metre springboard jumps, the winners were Uliana Kliueva and Nadezhda Trifonova with a score of 305.40 points. Aliaksandra Alshanik and Aliona Zabrodskaya from Belarus took silver (253.86), while Anna Santos and Maria Moura of Brazil won bronze (241.56)

On the sixth day the ten-metre platform competitions continued. The men’s gold medals went to Aleksandr Bondar and Ruslan Ternovoi (456.18 points), silver to Alexandr Koloskov/Siarhei Malashonak from Belarus (342.36), bronze to Adithep Khopuechklang/Natthanon Sriprathum from Thailand (268.26).

The women’s gold medallists were Anna Konanykhina and Iuliia Timoshinina with a score of 321.54 points.

Ilya Zakharov, the BRICS Games Ambassador in Kazan and Olympic diving champion, met with the Games volunteers after the competition and thanked them for supporting the athletes.

I want to personally thank you for all your work. Thank you very much for being here. You’re our defence in terms of running the competition and creating the mood. I say that as a former athlete. There are days when you’re just not feeling it, you come to the pool at 6 in the morning before the competition, and the volunteers greet you with a smile and help you. This is very encouraging!” Zakharov addressed the volunteers.

The Russian team finished the BRICS Games with 10 gold medals in diving. The Belarusian team has two silvers and three bronzes, Brazil – two silvers and one bronze, Venezuela – one silver and one bronze, and Thailand – one bronze.

The Russian team won the BRICS Games phygital basketball tournament. In the Finals, Russia defeated Belarus 23:15. The bronze medal went to Brazil, while Uzbekistan took fourth place.

First in the Finals, the Russian team conceded one point to Belarus after the digital stage (with a 7:8 score), but then found the strength to turn the tide and win. It should be noted that Russian line-up included Vladislav Meleshkin, who became the champion at the Games of the Future held in Kazan in February.

We came here planning to win. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the Finals, but a bronze medal is great, too,” said Luiz Guilherme Mattos of Brazil. “We really enjoyed the BRICS Games, we didn’t expect such an atmosphere and warm reception from the organisers and spectators.

We aimed for first place, we got it. It feels good. I can see how this sport will develop in time, competition will grow, stronger players will come, but to be the first now means to leave our mark in history,” said Yuriy Bespalov, Russian team player. “It’s not our first time in Kazan, and we’re well familiar with the fans, the city, and the organisation: we love it. This year’s BRICS Games is one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to.

The finalists of the women’s team tournament were determined at Kazan Tennis Academy. The Russian team, represented by Polina Kudermetova and Elena Pridankina, defeated the Republika Srpska 2:0, whereas the athletes from Belarus were stronger than the team from India with the same advantage. Russia and Belarus will also meet in the men’s final.

I obviously plan to win in the Finals, and, most importantly, to give a good game so that the audience likes it. I’m not really tired as we had a lot of time to rest, long pauses between the meetings. So, I think that tomorrow we will be in good shape and will be able to show the best tennis,” said Darya Khamutsianskaya of the Belarusian national team.

The bronze medallist of the men’s tournament is the Indian team. It defeated the national team of Uzbekistan.

We really set out to win gold for our country, but I know that everyone in the team tried hard: from the players to the captain and the coach, so everything is good; we also had great support. Even though we couldn’t get that gold, we’re happy with the bronze medal. We gave our best, so yes, I'm satisfied

It’s my first time in Kazan and in Russia. I consider this a very nice journey for me. The nature is incredible. I met a lot of nice people, made some new friends. People here are very friendly. I’m glad that I had such an opportunity to visit here, I hope I can come again,” said Chirag Duhan, a tennis player from India.

The first chess competition day took place in the IT Park. In the Rapid Chess discipline, the men’s competition was heated to the limit, with the top three finishing their games with the same result of 7.5 points; the places had to be determined according to additional indicators. Vladislav Artemiev of Russia took gold, Maksim Tsaruk of Belarus won silver, and Jinshi Bai of China got bronze.

In the women’s event, two Russians reached medal places: Ekaterina Lagno won gold with a score of 7.5 points, while Valentina Gunina (6.5) took bronze. Between them, Yuxin Song of China (6.5, higher than Gunina on tiebreak indicators) got silver)

There was one tough game with Valentina Gunina, I saved her from a very difficult situation, miraculously not losing myself. It was a difficult schedule for rapid chess: the game day started at 10:00 and lasted almost without breaks. When you win, it seems that everything is fine and everything you planned has worked out, so of course I’m pleased with myself. Initially, I was the leader of the tournament in terms of rating, so everyone was doing their best, they all wanted to have a good game with me. I didn’t slack throughout the whole day of play, which paid off,” gold medallist Ekaterina Lagno shared her feelings.

Competitions in the Blitz discipline will continue on Wednesday, the game day will start at 10:00.

The first winners of the wrestling tournament were revealed on Tuesday: 10 sets of medals were awarded to freestyle wrestlers. Representatives of the Russian national team dominated on the mats of Ak Bars Wrestling Palace, winning nine gold and one bronze medal. Among the victors were world champion Abasgadzhi Magomedov and European champion Kurban Shiraev.

Up to 57 kg category

1. Ramiz Gamzatov (Russia)

2. Nodirbek Jumanazarov (Uzbekistan)

3. Dzimchyk Batamunkuyeu (Belarus)

Up to 61 kg

1. Bashir Magomedov (Russia)

2. Sardor Ruzimov (Uzbekistan)

3. Jeyhun Allahverdiyev (Azerbaijan)

Up to 65 kg

1. Abasgadzhi Magomedov (Russia)

2. Murad Hagverdiyev (Azerbaijan)

3. Daniil Kharchilava (Abkhazia) and Andrei Bekreneu (Belarus)

I came here to win only. I’m glad that I managed to do so with time to spare. The BRICS Games are something new in my sporting career. It feels nice to earn another medal,” said Abasgadzhi Magomedov. “I really liked the organisation of the tournament: better than at the World and European Championships. The only thing I’d like to see in the future is stronger competitors.

Up to 70 kg

1. Kurban Shiraev (Russia)

2. Begijon Kuldashev (Uzbekistan)

3. Niurgun Skriabin (Belarus) and Marat Kokoskeriya (Abkhazia)

It feels incredible to win at such advanced competitions. I wrestled both at the CIS Games and the Spartakiade with more or less the same countries. And now it’s the BRICS Games; it’s my third time in Kazan and I’ve won at the same palace again. I’m definitely glad that I met the expectations, made my parents and my coach proud. This medal will give another impetus to keep on fighting; it’s surely boosted the motivation already,Kurban Shiraev remarked.

Up to 74 kg

1. Anzor Zakuev (Russia)

2. Murat Dzhakupov (Kazakhstan)

3. Yahor Akulich (Belarus) and Dzhabrail Gadzhiev (Azerbaijan)

Up to 79 kg

1. Magomed Magomaev (Russia)

2. Orkhan Abasov (Azerbaijan)

3. Azamat Dzhioev (South Ossetia)

Up to 86 kg

1. Malik Shavaev (Russia)

2. Bobur Islomov (Uzbekistan)

3. Alan Zasseev (South Ossetia) and Arkadzi Pahasian (Belarus)

Up to 92 kg

1. Alan Bagaev (Russia)

2. Shamil Zubairov (Azerbaijan)

3. Yaraslau Iadkouski (Belarus)

Up to 97 kg

1. Gadzhimurad Magomedsaidov (Azerbaijan)

2. Rustam Shodiev (Uzbekistan)

3. Bady Maadyr Samdan (Russia) and Nurcali Nurcaipuly (Kazakhstan)

Up to 125 kg

1. Shamil Musaev (Russia)

2. Azamat Zasseev (South Ossetia)

3. Nursultan Azov (Kazakhstan)

Women wrestlers and Greco-Roman wrestlers will meet on the carpets on Wednesday.