First finals for gymnasts, judo and koresh (belt wrestling) medals at the BRICS Games in Kazan


Six sets of medals will be awarded at the rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the BRICS Games in Kazan on Friday. The program of the tournament includes all-around and qualification for the finals in individual events in group exercises and all-around finals in individual program.

The audience will see the performances of the strongest gymnasts of Russia - Lala Kramarenko, Anna Popova, Diana Chugunikhina, Karina Kireeva, as well as titled representatives of Belarus - Anastasia Salos, Elizaveta Zorkina and others.

The beginning of the competition in FST "Gymnastics Center" is scheduled for 10:00.


The semifinal bouts for men and women will be held on Friday at the BRICS Games boxing competition. The tournament is held in weight categories of 46-48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63.5, 67, 71, 75, 80, 86, 92 and over kg for men and 45-48, 50, 52, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 70, 75, 81 and over kg for women.

The fights will be held in the SC "Boxing and Table Tennis Center". Semifinal bouts for women will start at 12:00, for men - at 16:00.


Six sets of prizes will be awarded to the participants of the BRICS Games on the third competition day in canoeing. These will be individual races among men and women in 200 and 500 meters. Since the preliminary races were held the day before, the morning at the FST "Rowing Sports Center" will start with the semifinals, and already at 11:00 the final races will start.

The second half of the day, starting at 14:00, will be devoted to preliminary races for men's and women's pairs for 200 and 1000 meters - up to the semifinals, which will be held at 16:00. The winners in these disciplines will be determined on June 22.


The final set of awards in chess will be played on Friday. In the discipline "Blitz" in mixed pairs will compete chess players from 16 countries, including grandmasters from Russia (Vladislav Artemyev, Andrey Esipenko, Ekaterina Lagno, Valentina Gunina), China (Bai Jinshi, Xu Xiangyu, Qi Guo, Song Yuxin), India (Aronyak Ghosh, Vishnu Prasanna Vasanthan, Marie Ann Gomez, Padmini Rout) and Uzbekistan (Abdimalik Abdisalimov, Saidakbar Saidaliev, Umida Omonova, Marjona Malikova).

The competitions will start in the IT Park named after Bashir Rameyev. Bashir Rameyev IT Park - at 10:00.


At the BRICS Games, the individual championships are over and the team fencing competitions are starting. On June 21, three sets of awards will be played throughout the day - in epee for men, and rapiers and sabers for women. The first meetings at the St. Petersburg Volleyball Center will start with sparring among women in rapier at 9:00. The semifinal matches will begin at 12:30 and the finals at 16:00.

Among the tournament participants are the Russian Olympic gold medal-winning sabre/rapiers team led by Sofia Velikaya, Yana Egorian and Marta Martyanova.


On the second day of the phygital football tournament the final games of the group stage will take place and the play-off stage will start. At 10:30 the teams of Vietnam and Belarus will take to the arena of BSS "Basket Hall", then South Ossetia and Venezuela, as well as Iran and Uzbekistan will meet. According to their results all participants of the quarterfinals will be known, which will start at 16:00.


On the final day of swimming competitions at the BRICS Games, participants will compete for 13 sets of awards. Men will swim 50 meters butterfly, 100 meters backstroke, 200 meters breaststroke, 400 meters freestyle, 400 meters medley and 4x100 meters combined relay. Women will swim the distances of 50 meters breaststroke, 100 meters freestyle and butterfly, 200 meters backstroke, 800 meters freestyle and the final combined relay 4x100 meters.

Preliminary heats in the "Aquatics Palace" will begin at 10:00, and the finals will start at 18:00.


Judo competitions start at the BRICS Games. Over 180 athletes will compete for 14 sets of awards over two days. Men will compete in the 60, 66, 73, 73, 81, 90, 100 and 100+ kilogram weight categories, while women will compete in the 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, 78 and 78+ kilogram weight categories. Judokas from 16 countries, including Russia, Brazil, China, Moldova, Syria, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and others, gathered in Kazan.

The Russian national team is represented by 14 of the country's strongest athletes. Among them, in particular, the winners of national championships Aina Moiseeva and Irina Zueva, as well as the champion of the recent Grand Slam tournament in Tbilisi Ivan Chernykh. Also competing at the BRICS Games will be Continental Cup bronze medalist and Belarus champion Daria Kontsevaya, Belarus champion and member of the famous sports family Konrad Shoka, the first in the history of Kyrgyz judo world championship medalist and winner of the Asian Junior Tournament Chyngyzkhan Sagynaliev, and many others.

The first bouts will begin at the Tatneft Arena on May 21 at 10:00. On this day the champions among men in weight 60, 66 and 73 kg, and among women in weight 63, 70, 78 and 78+ kilograms will be determined.


On Friday, the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace will host koresh competitions as part of the BRICS Games. More than a hundred athletes from 27 countries will compete for medals in 10 weight categories.

The strongest wrestlers, including the winner of the World Championship in the absolute weight category Radik Salakhov, will compete in the Russian national team. In addition to the Russians, one of the main medal contenders will be Turkmenistan's Begench Kakaliev (70 kg) and Novruz Kakalyev (75 kg), who won the World Koresh Championship, as well as the experienced Zailobiddin Artikov (100 kg) from Uzbekistan, who won the World Championship and Universiade-2013.

Preliminary bouts will be held from 9:00, final bouts - from 15:30.


At the Gymnastics Center during the Junior Women's Individual All-Around Finals (11:30-14:00), the president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Irina Viner will make an exclusive statement about a promising gymnast she spotted ahead of the BRICS Games.

Following the finals in the fencing tournament, there will be an autograph session for Olympic champions Sofia Velikaya and Marta Martyanova.