“The BRICS Games have a bright future!”

A three-day meeting of the Heads of Delegation for the teams competing at the BRICS Games in June 2024 has ended in Kazan. The event was attended by the representatives of Ministries of Sport and National Federations from 35 countries. Delegations from Afghanistan, Bahrain, Venezuela, UAE, Republic of the Congo, and Republika Srpska flew to the capital of Tatarstan, while the rest joined the meeting online.

During the meeting, the Delegates visited the sports venues to be used in the Games; inspected the accommodation conditions for athletes in the Athletes Village along with available services; discussed the sports programme and issues related to accreditation, visas, etc.

“Heads of Delegation meeting was successful. We had a rich programme and the guests were satisfied with what they saw. We received positive and even enthusiastic feedback from the meeting participants on the sports infrastructure, accommodation, and services to be provided to them during the Games, and listened to their requests and suggestions.

We were pleased to share our extensive experience in organising competitions with the Heads of Delegation, and we had a useful and constructive dialogue. We look forward to seeing the participants of the BRICS Games in June. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are confident that Kazan will host a remarkable sports celebration that will leave everyone happy” said Vladimir Leonov, Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Delegates also visited the Russian Swimming Championships currently held in Kazan and commended the infrastructure of the Aquatics Palace.

“We are very impressed with what we have seen in Kazan. Everything meets high international requirements. I am confident that Kazan is ready to host the BRICS Games. Everything we have seen in Kazan is of the best quality. We recognise that the BRICS Games are an event that is primarily aimed at friendship and the development of relations. In this light, we are ready to participate and expand our brotherly and friendly ties. There is no doubt that the BRICS Games have a bright future! These Competitions will only improve and develop in the future” said Jovan Prolić, Head of the Republika Srpska Delegation.


The BRICS Games will be held in Kazan from 11 to 23 June 2024. About five thousand participants from more than 50 countries are expected to come. The sports programme includes competitions in the most popular sports in the BRICS countries. 18 sports venues will be used for the competitions.