Zip Rock and Toquinha are the BRICS Games Breaking champions

The first medals of the BRICS Games Breaking competitions were awarded at the Dynamo Sport Academy in Moscow. Athletes from 29 countries of Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe took part in the tournament.

Nazip Minikaev, b-boy Zip Rock from Kazan team “Action Man”, won the men’s event. Second place went to Jet leg, a participant from Italy, while another dancer from Russia, Grom, won bronze.

The support is incredibly important, it’s been a while since we’ve had international battles. I’m so happy to be back and win like this. Breaking was not yet properly considered a sport when I started out, it was more like an art. But we have a sports component, and breaking belongs here. As for my style, it can be called “sports art”. There is a lot of sliding on the dance floor in my performances”, Zip Rock, the winner of the BRICS Games B-Boys discipline, commented.

In the women’s event, Toquinha, representing Brazil, won the gold medal after two days of competition. The silver and bronze medals went to the Russians athletes: Tata and Nika.

I’m just beside myself with joy. I’m so insanely happy to be in Russia for the first time in my life and to win here. I’ll bring the BRICS Games gold medal to my home in Brazil! It’s for my parents, my family, my friends, and my country! I’m extremely delighted”, said Toquinha of Brazil, the winner of the B-Girls discipline.

In the 4x4 team competitions, the Russian team defeated Kazakhstan with a score of 6:2 in the “Big” Finals. Bronze medals went to Japan, which was stronger than Brazilian dancers in the “Small” Finals.

Four sets of medals will be awarded in acrobatic rock’n’roll at Dynamo Sport Academy on the final day of the BRICS Games on Monday, 24 June. The competitions will be held in the “M Class-Mixed” and “B Class-Mixed” (mixed duet) disciplines.

In “M Class-Mixed”, the Russian national team will be represented by Daniil Tanakbaev, Anna Zhurina, Maxim Chebotarev and Victoria Adamova. Ivan Rilyan, Elizaveta Klopyzhnikova, Maxim Mitrofanov and Julia Sheinina will perform in “B Class-Mixed”.

They will face duets from more than 20 countries, including the strongest pairs from China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Kazakhstan, and other states.

The Qualifying Rounds will start at 14:00, the Finals will begin at 19:00.