About Games
About Games

For Media representatives

This section contains information for Media representatives involved in the coverage of the BRICS Games 2024
Accreditation of Media representatives
Each Media representative has to complete the accreditation procedure in order to participate in the Games.
Accreditation deadline is 12 May 2024.
The "Active" status of the form means that it has been approved by the Organising Committee.
If you have difficulties during the registration process, please contact us via
You can get your badges at the Accreditation Centre (Kazan, Volga Region State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism; address: 35, Universiade Village, main entrance). Please have the original of your ID document ready.
Distribution of accreditation badges will start on 9 June; working hours: 9:00–18:00.
Visa support for foreign Media representatives
In order to ensure unhindered entry and exit from the territory of the Russian Federation of the foreign Media representatives participating in the BRICS Games 2024, the Organising Committee of the Games provides assistance in obtaining a Russian visa valid for the duration of the Games at the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation.
Please send an application form via MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM to obtain visa support.
Rules of work of foreign Media representatives
Media accreditation for the Games is considered equivalent to the Media accreditation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MFA of Russia), and allows to carry out professional activities on topics related to the Games, on the days of the Games at the venues of the Games and sites of cultural and historical significance in Kazan.
Useful information on the procedure for obtaining accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is available at the link.
In case of performing other professional duties on the territory of Russia, including Kazan, representatives of international media (including those accredited for the Games) must obtain accreditation of the MFA of Russia in advance.
Arrival and departure
On arrival/departure days, Media representatives staying in official Media Hotels are provided with a complimentary shuttle service from the official point of arrival to the official Media Hotel and back.
To receive this service, Media representatives must specify their place of accommodation in the accreditation system — the official Media accommodation Hotel, as well as specify the date and time of their arrival and departure. The data could be entered no later than two weeks before arrival/departure.
Media representatives can choose the official Media Hotel for accommodation (Ibis Hotel, Kazan, 1/43, Astronomicheskaya St.).
The advantages of accommodation in the official Media Hotel are: location in the city centre, transfer from/to official points of arrival according to flight data and arranged transfers on the days of the Games from the Hotel to remote venues of competitions and ceremonies.
The Media Hotel is available for reservation by Media representatives until 2 May 2024. Application forms must be sent via MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM.
The number of rooms in the Hotel is limited. Reservation applications sent later than the specified dates are accepted only if rooms are available. For guaranteed room reservations, prepayment is required.
The number of rooms in the Hotel is limited. Reservation applications sent later than the specified dates are accepted only if rooms are available. For guaranteed room reservations, prepayment is required.
Transport services
During the competition days, shuttles will be arranged for the accredited Media from the official Media Hotel to remote venues of the Games. Shuttles will also be organised from TATMEDIA (2, Dekabristov St.) to remote venues of the Games. Access to the shuttles for Media representatives is by an accreditation badge only.
Food and Beverage
Coffee breaks, including hot and cold drinks and light snacks, will be organised throughout the day in the media centres at the Games venues.
Media Areas
The following Media Areas are planned at the competition venues:
— Press Centre

The main media working area at competition venues and Games ceremony venues with a welcome area (Info Desk), a lounge zone and a coffee break, equipped workplaces and the ability to connect their own equipment to the power supply network and the Internet (via a SCS port and Wi-Fi).
The Press Centres are open on competition days at the venues. The schedule of Media Centres: one hour before the start of the competition and two hours after the end of the competitions.
— Photo and TV Positions

Access to photo and TV positions is provided by an accreditation badge and additional access means (bibs), which can be obtained at the Press Centres of the competition venues.
— Mixed Zone

A zone of communication between Media representatives and athletes. The schedule of the Mixed Zones should be specified in the Press Centres at the competition venues.
— Press Conference Hall

Combined with a Press Centre or a separate room for holding press conferences.
— Media Stands

Organised workplaces for Media representatives at the stands.
Use of Radio Electronic Appliances (REA)
In order the REAs to be allowed at the Games, each REAs user must necessarily register the equipment. Registration is carried out by submitting an application by e-mail MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM.
For questions about the work of the Media at the BRICS Games 2024, as well as for information on the preparation of the Games, please contact us by e-mail MEDIA.INFO@DSPKAZAN.COM.